Balenciaga launches collection with Fortnite video game

French fashion house Balenciaga is teaming up with online video game Fortnite to launch a digital and physical collection.

Fortnite, part of American video game developer Epic Games, is bringing the high-fashion brand into its virtual world. Items available for gaming characters to wear are based on a real collection from Balenciaga, made in collaboration with Fortnite.

The physical collection consists of T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, leather jackets and baseball caps, with each design featuring a logo combination of the two partners. A matching hoodie, a catsuit, t-shirt, shorts and accessories, such as a backpack, make up the digital side of the collection.

Source: Balenciaga
Source: Balenciaga

Virtual apparel is now available to all Fortnite users in it’s item shop. Players can also enter an in-game Balenciaga store and perform the brand’s own dance, specially created for the platform.

Source: Epic Games
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